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x change text on slide show x / change pictures in slide show (AOI MACHINE / ELECT FLYING DUTCHMAN EXPRESS MACHINE)

x Change title to CircuitsWest, LLC x Bigger sign in button

x specification standard spec 0-10 layers x Turn time sameday-25 days - custom and standard ? Materials FR-14 185HR VT-47 ? - does he want to change x Okate Finish Enig add x 0.31" - 0.125" & custom board 0.010" - 0.250" x View full chart button

x Contact info pane - horizontal - MAPS

x Capabilities - Conflict Minerals - new page x Equipment list under pcb capabilities

x CMRT Cert moved to conflict minerals x ISO link stats ISO 9000 etc... - same with ITAR

Advanced capabilities - borcure (sales brosure)

x Nav Bar - title bigger

Quoting in nav bar x larger phone number x contact details in contact us x signin/signup button

x better pics x remove pricing - change with PCB specs on home page x remove specs from home page

/ fix footer

x toll free number on contact x phone request on contact x address in contact x call us no on nav x sign in / sign up on nav x remove refund policy on footer

x bigger if you dont have an account text


Languages used: JavaScript CSS EJS