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Linux Surface

Linux running on the Microsoft Surface devices. Follow the instructions below to install the latest kernel.

Supported Devices

Features / What's Working

See the feature matrix for more information about each device.


Installation and Setup

We provide package repositories for the patched kernel and other utilities. Please refer to the detailed installation and setup guide. There, you may also find device-specific caveats. After installation, you may want to have a look at the wiki and the contrib/ directory for useful tweaks.

If you want to compile the kernel yourself (e.g. if your distribution is not supported), please have a look at the wiki.

Additional Information



If you have questions or need support, please join our Matrix Space! This space contains


This repository contains patches, which are either derivative work targeting a specific already licensed source, i.e. parts of the Linux kernel, or introduce new parts to the Linux kernel. These patches fall thus, if not explicitly stated otherwise, under the license of the source they are targeting, or if they introduce new code, the license they explicitly specify inside of the patch. Please refer to the specific patch and source in question for further information. License texts can be obtained at


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